Marty Lucas - Queensland

Ever since I can remember, Lightforce, Narva and H.I.D branded spotties were the gold standard of spot lights and 4X4 auxiliary lighting, with L.E.D. lighting not even seeming in the same category.   They were the brightest and most durable on the market.  I personally have been travelling some pretty rugged outback roads for a good part of my life and with the wildlife that trapes around from dusk till dawn it has been imperative for me to have adequate lighting.  When I started researching what lighting options were going to be suitable, it seemed the options were endless, however upon seeing ‘Zombie Lights’ in action my opinions about L.E.D lighting changed dramatically.  I have since purchased 2 x 20” lightbars and a pair of 9” driving lights and the results speak for themselves.  The L.E.D. Zombie Lights have allowed me to see comfortably almost a full 180 degrees and penetrate and spread way beyond the limits I’ve experienced with H.I.D.  It almost appears the wildlife ‘squint’ when I pass due to the light power.

 I am currently travelling Australia indefinitely with my young family, so their safety has been my main concern for ensuring we have quality products ‘doing their job’ and I’m happy to say this is definitely the case with  Zombie Lights.


Dave – Capalaba, Brisbane - Intestate Truck Driver

I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to all the new fandangle products that everyone keeps going on about.  But I needed to replace one of the spotlights on my truck after it was smashed on a recent trip.  I was shopping with the Mrs and when we came back to the car, there was a Zombie Lights leaflet on the windscreen of our 4WD.  When we got home, I had a bit of a look at some of the other lights online and decided to give these a go, as they were Aussie, exactly what I needed, at a really good price.  I rang and spoke to Steve from Zombie, who spent quite a bit of time discussing the product and what would suit my needs.  I told him I would take a set of the larger 9 inch, and the next day they arrived on my doorstep. I found them very easy to fit and was very impressed with the overall quality of the lights.  I have had them now for a couple of weeks and can’t fault them.  The amount and quality of light they give me makes my job a great deal easier.  I am about to order a light bar for the Landcruiser and am seriously considering replacing the current HID spotlights I have on there as well. Grab yourselves a set, you won’t be disappointed.


Tony – Toowoomba Qld – Holden Ute

 I have had 3 watt led’s on my Ute for a couple of years now. They give out great light, but I decided I wanted to upgrade to something brighter with a bit more power.  When I started looking around, I was overwhelmed by what was available, but after talking to a few people, I decided that the higher wattage led’s were the way to go.  After some more research, I decided that I wanted to go with a light that had USA cree’s, so this narrowed the search down considerably.  I had looked at mostly 5 watt cree lights, but then stumbled across these 10 watt crees.  I narrowed it down to a couple of suppliers, but in the end, couldn’t go past Zombie Lights for quality, price and service.  Before I bought them, I rang and got to speak to Steve from Zombie Lights.  Nothing was too much trouble for him to answer, and he spent about 10 minutes on the phone helping me decide what would work for me.  In the end, I purchased a set of 7 inch driving lights and a 20 inch lightbar.  The harness that came with the lights was so easy to install, as apparently it was designed by Steve (a qualified Auto Electrician) and he has written the instructions, which were so easy to follow. He told me if I had any dramas fitting them, just to give him a call back, but I didn’t need to. Loving my new look ute. (see pictures of Josh's vehicle on our Gallery page)


Josh Ledgerwood - Brisbane/Maryborough

Hey mate, the Zombie Lights pass Aussie Conditions 150% no dramas at all, with two 9" spotlights and the 20" light bar on top. Makes pig hunting going from dark to broad daylight in seconds. Awesome effort in this design of lighting won't go anywhere else for spotlights and definitely recommending all my piggin mates to get them. Once again can't beat them.


Ben King - Brisbane (Winner of the Facebook Christmas Competition)

Hey Steve. I finally found time to fit the light bar the other week and it is brilliant. Really impressive how far the bar is able to send the light. Really quite amazing. I actually have swapped the lenses on the Lightforce Striker 170's to spread beams, because the Zombie Light Bar actually goes further than them. 


Jeremy - Cockatoo Valley

I installed and aligned the lights, and using them last evening found them to be very, very good. The only problem is that unless I "go bush" I cannot keep them on long enough to give them a good trial. But these lights are far superior to my previous 100W spotties. What amazes me is the lighting up of the road for the first 200m. Normally one cannot see these roos easily unless they are within 5m of the front of the vehicle as they are brown and for most part they stay absolutely still and "frighten the hell " out me when I drive past them. (see pictures of Jeremy's vehicle on our Gallery page)


 Tom - Violet Town, Vic

 Hi Jo. Lights hooked up and they are fantastic! Thank you so much for the fast freight and support. 


 Pete - Avonside, NSW

Lights came and I fitted them tonight. I'm very impressed with them.They are a very nice light and you should be selling heaps of them.